Property in: LONDON

David Chipperfield Architects developments

In 1985, David Chipperfield Architects achieved its global position with unparalleled expertise in design processes and the lasting value of projects. 

For all the various types of projects they develop, including cultural places to visit, residential and educational spaces to learn and grow, shopping and working areas for our comfort and convenience, they cover the private sector as well as work for the public one. Moreover, what is significant about them is their devotion to both social and environmental sustainability – they are not merely creating newly built spaces but are making our living quality better. 

Their company consists of five individual studios – symbols of local representation in London, Berlin, Milan, Shanghai, and Santiago de Compostela but unite to share a global vision and the creation of a blend of local and global architectural representations. 

Work extends with DC Design beyond the traditional architectural creation and with Fundación RIA, a non-profit research organization based in Galicia. They can do everything: from product design details interaction to territorial masterplanning on a vast scale.

Among their most prominent projects are the installation of Berlin’s Neues Museum, Amorepacific headquarters in Seoul, and The Bryant in New York. They own more than 100 design honors, which means they’re not merely structures; they’re the future.

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