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Off-Plan Property in London

We offer a wide selection of new build homes in London that are already finished or yet to be completed in the following months and years.

If you buy a London flat while it is still planned or under construction, it means you are buying off-plan. This type of purchase has been particularly trendy recently since it offers several benefits.

Advantages of Off-plan property in London

Investment. Off-plan buying often means decent investment: initial property prices might be well below the future market home value when it is finished. Off-Plan Property in London promises particularly favourable returns: prices are steadily rising, meaning London residential developments have shown themselves to be a safe asset class.

Flexibility. Off-plan buying also allows more flexibility and customisation than finished flats and houses: buyers can modify and choose various options that suit their needs and budgets.

Disadvantages of Off-plan property

Risks and delays. As for the downside, some consider buying off-plan as risky. There might be construction delays, or the property might not increase in price as expected.

To cover the risks, developers offer various deposit guarantees, and buyers can put some effort to research the area, the developers, and the feedback from locals.

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