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Ealing Council developments

Ealing Council serves the residents and businesses of London's fourth largest borough, which is located in the heart of west London. 

The council provides dozens of different services, from disposing of abandoned cars to running the Hanwell Zoo.

Local elections are held every four years to select 69 councillors who, between them, represent 23 wards across the borough. In May 2018 the borough elected the following representatives:

  • 57 Labour councillors
  • 8 Conservative councillors
  • 4 Liberal Democrat councillors

Councillor Peter Mason is the Leader of Ealing Council and Paul Najsarek is the council's Chief Executive.

Ealing Council puts the needs of our 342,000 residents above all else and the council's three priorities reflect the issues that matter most to local people. We are committed to improving services, our performance and ensuring value for money in everything we do.

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