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Greenland developments

Greenland Group, China's leading residential property developer, was established in Shanghai in 1992 under the leadership of Chairman and President Yuliang Zhang, with a vision to "create better lives." With a robust commitment to excellence, Greenland Group has garnered extensive expertise in delivering top-tier residential and mixed-use developments worldwide.

Since embarking on its international journey in 2012, the Group has expanded its footprint to encompass projects in 80 towns and cities across China and an additional 13 cities overseas. As a testament to its success and influence, Greenland Group holds a coveted position on the Fortune Global 500 list and is publicly listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Currently boasting a staggering £53 billion (GDV) global portfolio of property and other assets, Greenland Group is actively engaged in constructing over 82 million sq.m. of new commercial and residential projects across the globe, solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the real estate industry.

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