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Dive into Hackney in North London, Zone 2, and discover its history, main features, property market settings, and featured places to visit.
Last update on 22 Dec 2023

Key details

  1. Expectations Expect to experience a true mix of cultures, with a strong sense of community and a constant buzz of activity.
  2. Typical lifestyle A dynamic lifestyle with a diverse array of cultural experiences, trendy bars and restaurants, and a bustling street market scene.
  3. Not on the cards Tranquil and dull lifestyle, unwelcoming communities, universality.
  4. Market settings Highly-demanded residential real estate, thanks to the sought-after location and top-notch features.
  5. Feel of the area A multicultural borough with a distinctive urban feel, known for catchy streets, bustling markets, and a lively arts and music scene.


Vibrant, diverse, urban, trendy, foodie, arts, music, community, family-friendly, parks, demanded residential property, heated demand, lively, multicultural, independent, creative, up-and-coming.
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Popular Commute Times

Big Ben 30m by train, 25m by car
Buckingham Palace 25m by train, 20m by car
London Fields 15m by train, 10m by car
Victoria Park 20m by train, 15m by car

Well Known Subways

Hackney Central
Hackney Downs
London Fields


North with Tottenham
East with Stratford
South with City of London
West with Islington

Around The Block

The legendary Hackney was once one of Britain's worst areas to live, which sounds surprising given the hype around the neighbourhood. Today, Hackney tops the list of the nation's most sought-after places to live in, thanks to a grand transformation in the past several years. What does the area feel like now, and how does it stand out from the rest of also popular North London areas?

An Overview Of Hackney

Today Hackney is a melting pot of creative people and is known for its reputation for nurturing talents and innovation. 

Hackney Overview

As a result, it attracts many artists, creatives, and musicians to live and work in Hackney. The Hackney Empire, the Hackney Picturehouse, and the Arcola are some of the most trendy places in the borough, popular among new and existing residents.

Hackney's Cafés And Retail

Hackney is known for its unique blend of café culture, art, and retail. Many coffee shops in the area offer quality coffee and lots of additional services, such as vegan foods and bicycle repairs. Many cafés also open late-night and host events such as poetry readings, board games, and band jam sessions.

Hackney Cafes And Retail

Art and retail are also a big part of Hackney's culture. The area is home to several popular markets, such as Hackney Flea Market and Broadway Market, which bring together a wide range of stalls selling everything from fruits to handmade jewellery and retro prints.

Despite being an urban area, Hackney also offers a slower pace of life in neighbourhoods around London Fields and Hackney Wick. These areas boast independent stores, canal-side walks, and green parks (the borough boasts more than 800 acres of green space). Despite this, residents still benefit from excellent train and tube connections to destinations like Canary Wharf, Oxford Street, and Liverpool Street.

Hackney's Property Market

The residential market in Hackney is diverse and offers a wide range of options, from top-tier new-build properties to historical buildings and conversions. Often residents highlight perfect sound and heat insulation in new builds and the friendly surrounding resident communities.

Hackney Property Market

Generally, Hackney boasts plenty of lively and diverse neighbourhoods, with a wide selection of restaurants, shops, and cultural attractions. With convenient transportation links and proximity to the city combined, Hackney deserves the title of one of the most attractive locations for young professionals and families to call home.

Hackney's Featured Hotspots

The Hackney Empire is a fantastic venue that should be on everyone's must-see list when visiting Hackney. Built in 1901, this historic theatre boasts stunning architecture and interior design and offers a wide selection of shows, including comedy, music, and theatre.

London Fields Hackney

Another must-visit spot in Hackney is London Fields. This stunning park is a perfect spot to unwind and enjoy nature. Interestingly, it suits all ages –  children can enjoy a dedicated playground, while parents should visit open fields ideal for picnics and playing sports or enjoy the heated lido.

Finally, head over to the Hackney Museum to dive into the legacy of Hackney. It is a small museum, but it has a lot to offer, including a replica of a 19th-century street. Additionally, it hosts interactive displays, highlighting the diverse cultures that are the very essence of Hackney.

Marvelous Destinations Of Hackney

From the verdant expanses of Victoria Park, a hidden path leads to the tranquil Regents Canal. Follow it eastward, and you'll find yourself in the vibrant Hackney Wick, a haven for artists.

Here, the canal is lined with unique bars - Number 90, CRATE Brewery, and the charming boat bar, The Milk Float, all offer an unmatched ambience, particularly during the balmy summer months. Nearby, Hackney Marshes and the Olympic Park beckon for further exploration.

Visit Hackney To See This Beauty!

Venture north from Hackney to the stylish neighbourhood of Stoke Newington. It's a popular destination among the Hackney populace, especially those seeking a serene abode. Clissold Park, a gem in this area, offers scenic walks, a children's playground, a cozy café, and even a small enclosure with goats.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Hackney a good place to live in London?

Hackney's lasting appeal in the 21st century can be attributed to its unique combination of trendiness and practicality. It earned recognition as one of the 15 coolest neighborhoods globally, as voted by Vogue.

In terms of practicality, Hackney has also garnered acclaim as London's most livable borough.

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Vibrant, diverse, urban, trendy, foodie, arts, music, community, family-friendly, parks, demanded residential property, heated demand, lively, multicultural, independent, creative, up-and-coming.

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