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Welcome to Wandsworth, the dynamic borough in southwest London that boasts a wealth of cultural experiences, excellent sports facilities, convenient transport connections, and exciting leisure activities.
Last update on 28 Apr 2023

Key details

  1. Expectations Expect to experience the best of modern living while surrounded by historic charm.
  2. Typical lifestyle Wandsworth offers a diverse range of neighbourhoods and lifestyles to suit any taste.
  3. Not on the cards Feeling isolated or disconnected from the community in Wandsworth.
  4. Market settings The housing market in Wandsworth is competitive, with high demand and prices reflecting the area's desirability.
  5. Feel of the area Wandsworth exudes a lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere while retaining its historic charm and green spaces, making it a vibrant and desirable area to live in.


Thriving, modern, green, riverfront, cosmopolitan, cultural, foodie, family, historic, vibrant
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Popular Commute Times

Battersea Park: 26m by car, 24m by train
Tower Bridge: 41m by car, 47m by train
Heathrow Airport: 48m by car, 56m by train
Richmond Park: 33m by car, 58m by train

Well Known Subways

Wandsworth Common
Clapham South
Wandsworth Town


North with Battersea
East with Clapham
South with Tooting Bec
West with Putney

Around The Block

Wandsworth is a leafy southwest London borough with stunning river vistas. It sits next to Fulham but offers much more affordable new homes and rental properties than its luxury neighbour.

Read on to discover the main features of Wandsworth, its thriving residential scene, and several of the most popular destinations in the borough.

Wandsworth's Selling Points

Residents in the area regularly vote Wandsworth as the best place to live in the capital, which is hardly surprising. Riverside apartments, easy commutes, affordable housing, and regenerated neighbourhoods attract young professionals, families, and international buyers to live and work in Wandsworth.

The drinking and foodie scene is likewise on point, thanks to multiple pubs, cafés, and top-rated restaurants. A local star is Chez Bruce, a Michelin-star restaurant known for French wines and cuisine.

Wandsworth Common

The greenery in Wandsworth is another selling point of the area, attracting families and sports fans. The area is a calm and peaceful borough, a perfect antidote to buzzing city life.

Wandsworth Common is a true gem in the crown of Wandsworth, a 175-acre green space for picnics, runs, and cycling tours. King George’s Park offers more of the same, plus sports pitches and a tennis club.

Housing Market In Wandsworth

Traditionally, property values in Wandsworth stayed below London averages. However, present-day prices are often above the typical values in the capital. The reason is that a perfect mix of efficient location, vast green spaces, and attractive property prices attract a lot of attention and push demand and average values.

New build homes and developments in Wandsworth

In addition, green spaces, spacious houses, and a selection of top-rated schools attract an influx of young families to Wandsworth. So much so, people started to call the area «Nappy Valley»‎. A mixture of ages, welcoming communities, and major regenerations make Wandsworth a harmonious space for living and working in London.

Wandsworth's Top Destinations

Southside Shopping Centre is a must-see destination in Wandsworth, home to a range of high-end stores and restaurants, as well as a cinema and a bowling alley. Whether you are in the mood for retail therapy or a fun night out, the Southside Shopping Centre has a lot to offer.

Wandsworth Museum

History and culture fans should not miss the Wandsworth Museum, built to preserve the rich local heritage. The museum boasts an impressive collection of artefacts and exhibits that offer a fascinating glimpse into Wandsworth's past, from its industrial roots to its modern-day cultural scene. 

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Thriving, modern, green, riverfront, cosmopolitan, cultural, foodie, family, historic, vibrant

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