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A Guide to London Districts With Low Crime Rates and Accessible Healthcare

A Guide to London Districts With Low Crime Rates and Accessible Healthcare

by Ariana
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Living in a safe neighbourhood with easy access to medical facilities is a top priority for many individuals and families. 

In London, a city known for its diverse districts and vibrant lifestyle, safety and healthcare accessibility are key considerations when choosing a place to live.

The Safest London Regions

The districts that we have chosen for you may boast the following features:

  • Relatively low crime rates contributing to a strong sense of belongingness;
  • Accessibility to good-quality medicine through prominent facilities;
  • Ample recreational opportunities enhancing the borough's appeal.

Top 5 – Barnet

Crime Rate: 79.8 crimes per 1,000 people

Barnet, nestled in north London, offers a secure living environment complemented by an array of health maintenance equipments and assistance. It exudes a suburban feel while maintaining proximity to the countryside, an enticing prospect for many.

Barnet Provides Great Medical Care

This borough is equipped with a range of healthcare amenities, ensuring that residents have access to necessary medical supervision. The borough's wellness landscape is designed to cater to various needs. Among the key health protection developments are:

  • Barnet Hospital: A well-established place providing a wide range of medical services, including surgical and maternity procedures.
  • Finchley Memorial Health Care: Known for its outpatient aid and specialized guardianship.

Top 4 – Kingston upon Thames

Crime Rate: 78.2 crimes per 1,000 people

Kingston upon Thames, another gem in southwest part, charms with its family-friendly ambiance and low crime rates. It is home to renowned health maintenance amenities, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a secure living environment.

Safe Kingston upon Thames For You

The borough hosts esteemed facilities providing comprehensive healthcare aid and specialized treatments:

  • Kingston Clinic: A major venue offering a broad spectrum of medical procedures, including emergency guardianship and specialized treatments.
  • New Victoria Hospital: A private wellness place known for its high-quality services and advanced technology.

Top 3 – Bromley

Crime Rate: 77.7 crimes per 1,000 people

Bromley, located in southeast London, stands out for its safety, verdant landscapes, and a plethora of wellness aid. A favoured choice among families and professionals, it exudes a family-friendly vibe and offers ample recreational opportunities.

Learn More About Crime Rates In Bromley

The region is celebrated for its family-friendly environment and a plethora of healthcare options that ensure the well-being of its residents. For example:

  • Princess Royal University Hospital: A leading health maintenance facility offering a comprehensive range of medical services such as surgery, orthopedics, and maternity control.
  • Beckenham Beacon: A modern medicine centre providing urgent care and diagnostics.

Top 2 – Harrow

Crime Rate: 72.7 crimes per 1,000 people

Harrow, nestled in northwest part, offers a vibrant and diverse community with a blend of urban and suburban lifestyles. It boasts excellent health protection assistance and seamless connectivity to central London through an efficient public transportation network. 

More About Safety In Harrow

Residents have easy access to medical supervision and specialized treatments, making it an attractive choice for those prioritizing their health.

Key clinics here:

  • Northwick Park Hospital: A major acute health care providing a wide array of services, comprising an accident and emergency department.
  • St Mark's Hospital: A specialized medical centre renowned for its gastrointestinal and colorectal procedures.

Top 1 – Richmond upon Thames

Crime Rate: 65.7 crimes per 1,000 people

Richmond upon the Thames, an idyllic borough situated in southwest region along the iconic River Thames, emerges as the epitome of safety in London. Its low crime rate is a product of flourishing green spaces, exceptional public transport links, and a demographic skewing towards affluence.

The Safest District Is ...

The borough hosts several esteemed medical institutes and places that provide a wide range of wellness options to its residents. Notable facilities in the area include:

  • Richmond Royal Clinic: A prominent institute in the borough, offering comprehensive medical aid and emergency supervision.
  • Teddington Memorial Hospital: Known for its high standard of care and various medical specialities.

Get Acquainted With The Safest Boroughs

In the contemplation of a move to the capital, placing paramount importance on safety and healthcare accessibility is fundamental. 

Borough Total Crimes Crime Rate Difference From London Average (%)
Harrow 15,017 60  37% safer
Richmond upon Thames 11,816 60  37% safer
Kingston upon Thames 11,632 66  31% safer
Bromley 22,645 68 28% safer
Barnet 27,569 70 27% safer


It is prudent to conduct thorough research and weigh personal preferences before finalizing a decision on where to reside in this vibrant and multifaceted city.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Are The Most Frequent Crimes In London?

According to Crime Rate London, the most common types of crime are:

  • anti-social behaviour; 
  • violence; 
  • theft; 
  • vehicle crime; 
  • public order.

So, be careful when selecting a neighbourhood to live in.

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