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Discovering the Neighbourhoods With Lowest Property Prices in North London

Discovering the Neighbourhoods With Lowest Property Prices in North London

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From bustling multicultural districts with strong transport links to tranquil, family-oriented places brimming with leafy spaces and local charm, North London presents a diverse array of options for every type of homebuyer.

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Neighbourhoods With The Most Affordable Real Estate

Whether you are a young professional seeking connectivity or a family in search of a community-oriented lifestyle, our exploration of the following neighbourhoods will illuminate the myriad of choices available, all while keeping your budget in mind.

Lower Edmonton

With a postcode of N9, Lower Edmonton stands out as a notable example. It not just affordable but also a hidden gem. It boasts good transportation links, making commuting to the city centre convenient. The locality is characterized by a mix of residential and commercial dwellings, offering a variety of amenities and a strong sense of unity.

Houses In Edmonton Is Ready To Open Their Doors

Here, the median home cost is around £311,705, a figure that has risen by 9.95% over the past five years. Lower Edmonton is a diverse zone with excellent transportation links to the city centre.

Upper Edmonton

Adjacent to Lower Edmonton, Upper Edmonton is another budget-friendly area. It is particularly appealing for families, with numerous parks, child-friendly activities, and green spaces. The neighbourhood has a mix of traditional and modern housing, contributing to its growing popularity among young professionals and families alike.

Unravel The Advantages of Living In Edmonton

The average for an abode here is about £312,447. This district is especially appealing to families, offering a variety of child-friendly activities and abundant verdant spaces.


Identified by the N17 postcode, Tottenham is a multicultural borough. The place is known for its lively atmosphere, cultural diversity, and multiple shops and restaurants. Its many parks and a riverside location make it an attractive place for outdoor enthusiasts and families. It has direct connections to the city centre via the Victoria line.

Real Estate In Tottenham

The dwelling price in Tottenham is approximately £365,619. Its popularity among families is due to its numerous parks and scenic riverside setting.

South Tottenham (N15), close to Tottenham, offers cheaper housing. The territory has undergone significant regeneration in recent years, evident in its improved infrastructure and new developments. It's a lively district with a mix of cultures, providing many shops, eateries, and local events.

Beautiful Tottenham For Beautiful You

The average for real estate here is around £425,223, reflecting a 10.54% increase over the last five years, indicative of the zone's recent regeneration.

Wichmore Hill

This place is considered is a more upscale area with a range of accommodation types, from terraced homes to detached homes. It's known for its leafy spaces, such as Grovelands Park, and a charming village atmosphere. The sector has a strong sense of community, with shops and cafés.

Multiple Property Types in Winchmore Hill

In Winchmore Hill, residence costs vary significantly. Terraced homes are around £566,152, while rental properties might cost around £340 per week. A diverse range of real estate is available, from a five-bedroom semi-detached home listed at £875,000 to a two-bedroom detached house priced at £775,000.

Palmers Green 

What Palmers Green is known for is its family-friendly vibe. The region boasts an array of parks, independent shops, and cafés. It's particularly famous for its large Greek-Cypriot community, adding a unique cultural flavour. Palmers Green is ideal for those seeking a balance between city life and a more suburban feel.

Affordable Houses In Palmers Green For You

Here, buying a new home is relatively affordable. The median price here is about £562,413.

Average Property Cost in North London

To give a broader perspective, the approximate payment for residencies in North London over the last 12 months has been £700,014. 

Sums vary by abode type with:

  • detached accommodations averaging £830,770,
  • semi-detached at £1,075,638,
  • terraced residencies at £1,003,236,
  • flats at £700,014, and
  • houses overall at £1,135,897.

The worth range for real estate at this territory spans from £87,500 to £6,950,000, demonstrating the wide variety of housing options available.

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