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Mortgage Affordability Is Up Since Summer

Mortgage Affordability Is Up Since Summer

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Existing homebuyers are already reaping the rewards of heightened pledge affordability. Recent research by specialized property firm 1newhomes indicates that, in September, those buying homes experienced an average monthly repayment that was £64 lower compared to July of this year.

Lower Mortgage Rates = More Purchased Homes

The average cost of a 75% loan-to-value 5-year fixed rate mortgage dropped to 5.30% in September, a notable decrease from the 5.79% reported in July. Consequently, individuals in the market to buy now are enjoying a saving of £64 per month in contract repayments, accumulating to an annual saving of £765 compared to just a few months ago.

“This development is excellent news for individuals approaching the end of their fixed-term agreements, as it eases financial strain on their households.”

After an alarming surge, mortgage rates, contrary to widespread industry expectations, have started to decline over the last three months. A notable development, considering initial projections hinted at a prolonged period of elevated rates.

Excellent News For Homebuyers

For prospective buyers, this shift signifies a more attainable market, aligning well with the anticipated surge in autumn housing demand. Additionally, sellers stand to benefit, given that reduced borrowing costs are expected to boost buyer interest.

Many potential buyers had delayed their property searches due to concerns about escalating debt expenses.

Program Rate 1W Change Annual Percentage Rate 1W Change
30-Year Fixed Rate 7.35% down 0.14% 7.43% down 0.14%
20-Year Fixed Rate 6.98% down 0.33% 7.08% down 0.33%
15-Year Fixed Rate 6.54% down 0.10% 6.69% down 0.12%
10-Year Fixed Rate 6.52% down 0.06% 6.76% down 0.09%
7-year ARM 7.20% down 0.26% 7.83% down 0.15%
5-year ARM 7.07% down 0.29% 7.94% down 0.11%
3-year ARM –  0% –  0%

Source: Zillow

Confidence is growing that, barring significant unforeseen events or governmental upheavals, mortgage rates will maintain a gradual descent until the beginning of the new year.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Is A Mortgage Rate?

A mortgage rate represents a percentage of the entire loan amount, indicating the rate of interest the borrower pays to the lender throughout the loan's duration.

Fixed mortgage rates remain constant over the mortgage term, whereas variable mortgage rates vary in alignment with a publicly updated benchmark interest rate, reflecting the borrowing cost fluctuations in various markets.

How Are Mortgage Rates Determined?

Lenders establish mortgage rates based on various considerations. These factors include the borrower's credit history, down payment, and the property's value.

Additionally, economic elements like inflation, job growth, and other external factors beyond the borrower's influence that may elevate risk are taken into account when determining these rates.

Given the absence of a precise formula, mortgage rates often differ from one lender to another.

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