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What are the most popular property features across the world?

What are the most popular property features across the world?

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A study by reveals which property features appeal to modern homebuyers the most and how the trends differ across the globe.
The experts based the research on Google search data and analysed the property features around the world. They studied both English and the respective languages' data.

What are the key findings?

A swimming pool of by far the most wanted property feature modern homebuyers desire. Swimming pools ranked first in 52 countries, which is a phenomenal result.
Garden spaces come a close second leaning in searches in 19 countries.
In turn, having at least 3-bedroom space is critical for people in 18 countries around the world.
Appealing vistas, attic space, a balcony, and a garage likewise made it high amongst some of the most wanted home features for current property hunters.

Most wanted home features in the UK

As for the UK property market specifically, a swimming pool ranked just 3rd place regarding the most wanted house features. 
Perhaps unsurprisingly, land ranked first place amongst the property hunters in the UK. In addition, an annexe is likewise desirable for many homebuyers in the country.
Summer houses, woodland, and gardens have also made it to the top 10 of most wanted property features in the UK.
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