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Which room is the most expensive to renovate

1 minutes has revelled that homeowners usually spend averagely £5,219 to renovate their kitchen, therefore making it the most expensive room to do up.

27% of respondents have said that it is the first room they would like to upgrade in their homes. Next on the list are bathroom (14%) and living room (11%). Almost one in five renovated their homes during the pandemic.

But these are not the only rooms that the British are actively renovating: homeowners also did up their conservatory (73%), spending an average of £3,550, and 94% renovated their bathroom at average for £3,340.

In terms of specific renovation details, nearly three out of five (60%) have renewed their floors, and 53% have installed new kitchen countertops or new windows.

Residents of York (£ 49,056), Southampton (£ 47,512) and Cardiff (£ 46,012) spent the most on renovations.

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