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Kos is a talented journalist and content creator with a passion for storytelling. He kickstarted his career studying journalism at Sorbonne University, Paris. Imbued with a commitment to excellence, Kos embraced a variety of courses to enrich his skills and broaden his perspective on global storytelling. His unique blend of academic knowledge and real-world insights positions him as a journalist with a deep understanding of the ever-evolving media landscape, especially in the real estate realm. 

Relevant Courses:

  • International Reporting: Unveiling Global Narratives.
  • Digital Media and Society: Impact on Journalism.

Additional Courses:

  1. Data Journalism: Transforming Information into Insight (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Paris).
  2. Strategic Communication and Media Relations (Paris-Sorbonne University).
  3. Increasing Real Estate Management Profits: Harnessing Data Analytics (Duke University).

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Recent articles by Kos

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