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A thrilling and diverse area with high yet flexible living and working standards where everyone can find their place.
Last update on 26 Jul 2023

Key details

  1. Expectations A thrilling, vivid, but also demanding area in the very heart of the capital. Easy access to many key attractions, entertainment and leisure.
  2. Typical lifestyle Early mornings, spotless streets, buoyant business life, lots of tourists, and vibrant dusk-till-dawn nightlife. Possibilities to find chill and quiet places as well.
  3. Not on the cards The day-to-day super-calm atmosphere and total seclusion. Affordable residential real estate, rental offers, and cheap entertainment.
  4. Market settings Top-notch real estate for £1,2m on average, reaching £15m. The highest rents in the capital as well. Unprecedentedly high quality standards.
  5. Feel of the area Vibrant and diverse living in the very heart of London with its true spirit and legacy.


Lively, vivid, vibrant, diverse & steeped in history, efficient infrastructure, first-class real estate, best living standards, key tourists hotspots, business & finance, creativity, artists and writers, entertainment and leisure.
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Popular Commute Times

Big Ben 8m by train, 10m by car
Tower of London 18m by train, 11m by car
St. Paul's Cathedral 12m by train, 7m by car
Heathrow Airport 55m by train, 47m by car

Well Known Subways

London Bridge
Piccadilly Circus


North with Islington
East with Whitechapel
South with Walworth
West with Kensington and Chelsea

Around The Block

Not many can call prime Central London their home. London is one of the most world-renowned cities, and living in its very heart is not a cheap treat. Mostly celebrities, politicians, or very fortunate ones can boast owning real estate here since property prices in Central London often reach multi-million-pound brackets. 

People who live and work here know that the area has much more than finance and business. If you take a closer look, you will find a diverse area to discover and enjoy. On your doorstep, you can have the finest service while in the meantime Underground and Crossrail offer excellent connections. 

Famous Central London Destinations

Central London was once home to Mozart, Marx, Virginia Woolf, and many other key personalities, and you can still feel the rich legacy the area is steeped in. This busy, vibrant area is home to banks and businesses, and once only wealthy merchants lived here with high-spirited apprentices sleeping under the counters. 

The iconic scenery here is famous all over the world. You will find the old beautiful Westminster Abbey here with its long, unique history. All of the Kings and Queens have been crowned there since the Norman Conquest.

The House of Parliament sits across the road from the Westminster Abbey. It used to be the King's place for 500 years until moved to Whitehall Palace. The short bus rides can take you to the Mansion House – the Lord Mayor of London's official home.

Marylebone Area

Marylebone in Central London is a luxury residential area with a village feel. It is home to indie boutiques and classy restaurants of Marylebone High Street. Amenities in Central London are not cheap treats as well. Here you will find the finest restaurants, designer shops, and top-notch accommodation as The Langham and The Landmark.

This area embodies a perfect mix of period architecture with the vibrant and buoyant Oxford Street and cosy Marylebone High Street. Marylebone in Central London offers nothing but the best.

The City of London

This area is also known as the «Square Mile» and represents the essence of a business centre in London. It is the area where professionals from various industries from finance to real estate close deals over brunches in classy brasseries. 

There are also unique wine bars overviewing the iconic St Paul’s Cathedral. It is little surprise that new homes here bear a major price tag, but they are often described as the best place for living in Central London. Once you have the finances, it all comes to classy spaces with large French windows and state-of-the-art on-site sports facilities.

The City of Westminster

Those looking for a genuinely historical and traditional atmosphere can discover it and much more in the City of Westminster. Take, for example, world-shaping historical destinations as Tate Britain and Churchill War Rooms. There is also St James’ Park – a splendid 230,000 square feet of meadows and walkways where anyone can spend some quality time and stop by a café for a cup of tea. 

The cherry on top of Westminster is the magnificent Buckingham Palace, a grand Royal building.

It has its calm and truly Royal feel and gardens where the Royal Garden Parties are held in the summer.


In Central London, residents are spoilt for choice since the area offers many schools ranging from elementary to high, only for boys or girls to mixed schools. There is no doubt in high standards of education offered in Central London schools that also provide support for both pupils and parents. 

For instance, there is Marylebone-based mixed Ark King Solomon Academy, which can be also entered by pupils from across the West End. It is often described as «fantastic», partly because some 74% of pupils do not have English as their first language, and the school provides significant support to achieve solid results.

The sharpest minds from all over the world come to London to study. The city is home to more than 40 world-class universities and higher education institutions, 7 of which are based in Central London. It is hardly surprising that the area attracts so mic attention from young professionals and students.

There are King's College, London School of Economics, and Cass Business school among the establishments.


Not surprisingly, Central London has an efficient transport infrastructure. Take, for example, a 3-minute tour to the West End theatre or a possible 32-minute ride to Heathrow airport by Crossrail at Farringdon station. In addition, St Paul's and Covent Garden are within walking and cycling distance of 6 to 15 minutes. 

Central London is the heart and essence of the capital. It is a diverse, sophisticated area of unprecedentedly high living and working standards.

Taking into account the recent market trends and the return of professionals and students into London, the area is set for further growth and development. Moreover, the pandemic has shifted our work and life priorities, and Central London adapted swiftly, as it always did in the past.

Marvelous And Extremely Convenient Neighbourhood To Live

Hot Spots To Visit

London, the vibrant capital of England, is a city teeming with culture, history, and an array of exciting experiences. From trendy bars and unique activities to delightful restaurants, London has something to cater to every taste and preference.


If you're a wine enthusiast, this stylish wine bar is a must-visit. Located in the heart of Covent Garden, Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels offers an extensive selection of wines from around the world in a chic and intimate setting.

Another worth-visiting venue is Noble Rot. A haven for wine and food lovers alike, Noble Rot is a wine bar and restaurant located in Bloomsbury. With an excellent wine list and delicious British-inspired dishes, it's a fantastic spot to unwind after a day of exploring.

Hot Spots To Visit In Central London

Finally, situated in Chinatown, the Experimental Cocktail Club is a hidden gem known for its creative and expertly crafted cocktails. The speakeasy-style ambiance adds to the allure of this trendy establishment.


Film enthusiasts will delight in the experience offered by Picturehouse Cinema in Central London. This cinema screens a diverse selection of independent, foreign, and classic films, providing a unique movie-watching experience.

For those seeking a fun and nostalgic activity, Bloomsbury Lanes is the place to be. This retro-style bowling alley in the heart of London offers a great atmosphere, live music, and delicious food, making it an excellent spot for a memorable night out.

Multiple Place To Enjoy Your Life In Central London

A cultural hub in the city, Somerset House hosts a variety of events, exhibitions, and concerts. It's a great place to soak in the arts, explore contemporary installations, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


Located in Covent Garden, Great Queen Street is a charming gastropub that serves seasonal British cuisine with a modern twist. Expect fresh and flavoursome dishes that celebrate the best of local produce.

Situated in the London Edition Hotel, Berners Tavern is a sophisticated restaurant boasting an opulent dining room adorned with impressive art. It's an excellent choice for a special occasion or an indulgent culinary experience.

The third piece of advice includes The Duck & Rice: This Chinese gastropub in Soho offers a delightful fusion of British pub vibes with authentic Chinese dishes. The menu features classics like dim sum and Peking duck, making it a must-visit for foodies.

Exquisite Ambience Of Central London

For a taste of elegance, Spring in Somerset House delivers a seasonally-inspired menu using locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant's airy and stylish setting adds to the overall dining experience.

Step into a world of luxury at Bob Bob Ricard, a glamorous restaurant in Soho known for its "Press for Champagne" buttons at every table. The menu features a combination of British and Russian dishes, and the decadent interior makes dining here a true indulgence.

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Lively, vivid, vibrant, diverse & steeped in history, efficient infrastructure, first-class real estate, best living standards, key tourists hotspots, business & finance, creativity, artists and writers, entertainment and leisure.

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