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Dive into Croydon in South London, an iconic town in South London that offers new buyers and existing households a perfect mix of affordable house prices and excellent transport links to Central London neighbourhoods.
Last update on 31 Oct 2023

Key details

  1. Expectations A regenerated and updated town in South London with affordable prices and excellent infrastructure.
  2. Typical lifestyle Living in a legendary London area, enjoying efficient commutes to Central London, and taking advantage of nearby parks and greenery.
  3. Not on the cards Proximity to featured London destinations like Buckingham Palace, Regent's Park, or the National History Museum.
  4. Market settings Affordable real estate, including existing homes and new build developments. Rising demand and competition drive up property prices.
  5. Feel of the area Regenerated and welcoming South London town that offers affordable properties and efficient transport links, combined with countryside-like living.


Regenerated, updated, legendary, creative, upcoming, affordable, well-known, established, efficient, green, spacious, new builds, new build developers, investment, new homes, rising housing competition.
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Local area map

Popular Commute Times

Big Ben 66m by train, 45m by car
Gatwick Airport 80m by train, 34m by car
Crystal Palace Park 38m by train, 20m by car
Coombe Wood 28m by train, 12m by car

Well Known Subways

Norwood Junction
West Croydon
Wandle Park
South Croydon


North with Crystal Palace
East with Park Langley
South with Purley
West with Wallington

Around The Block

Generally, residents and visitors highlight the two central features of Croydon; its affordable properties, including new builds, efficient transport links, and infrastructure that make a commute a thing to enjoy.
Moreover, Croydon has welcomed several regeneration initiatives in the past several years that transformed the once dowdy image of the town. Read on and dive into the new Croydon, explore its ambience, property market settings, and best places to visit. On top of that, check out the latest and most promising new builds in Croydon.

Croydon's Regeneration

Croydon is one of the first six Creative Enterprise Zones (CEZs), which brings a lot of attention from London creatives into CR0. In fact, local leaders anticipate the regeneration initiatives and investments will establish Croydon as a music city.

croydon regeneration

As a result, new demand attracted a lot of new build developers to Croydon. Excellent commercial and leisure developments welcomed new residential projects that suit all pockets, from affordable studio apartments to luxury properties.

All this means is that the modern ambience and feel of Croydon are about innovation, regeneration, creativity, and continuous development. And it seems its once ambiguous reputation is now long gone.

Property Market In Croydon

Croydon is a budget-friendly area, which is also relevant for the new build developments. A typical home in the town costs £386k, which is considered affordable given the London standards (£590k). In fact, Croydon is one of the most reasonably-priced London areas regarding buying new build homes and secondary properties.
Savvy buyers can find one-bed flats in Croydon for as little as £250k, which is in line with the UK average property prices.
Property market in Croydon
As for the new builds, the market is constantly adapting to the rising demand from buyers with various budgets, with Croydon ranking in the top 10 London areas regarding the number of new build developments (our data).
Some new builds are already ready to move, while other developments are available via off-plan sales (buying before the construction completion). Cambridge House by Notting Hill Genesis Sales, Queens Quarter by L&Q, and Coppice Yard by Kingsbury Stone are some of the most promising and sought-after new builds in the area.

Transport Infrastructure In Croydon

There are three main railway stations in Croydon – West Croydon, South Croydon, and East Croydon. These hubs offer excellent transport links, including rides to London Bridge in 13 minutes and Victoria in 16 minutes. Heading south, Brighton sits just 35 minutes away, a perfect commute route or a weekend spot at the beach. In addition, Gatwick Airport sits just 16 minutes away.
croydon transport links
The transport infrastructure inside Croydon is likewise on point, thanks to the three-line Tramlink network. There are also plans to implement the electric bicycles hire scheme that will improve the sustainability of Croydon as well.
As for the downsides, road traffic is rarely smooth, and drivers often have a hard time finding a parking spot. However, major roads are within easy reach, so there are advantages for drivers in Croydon too.

Top Places To Visit In Croydon

The Museum of Croydon

This Museum, owned and run by Croydon Council, highlights the historical and cultural legacy of Croydon and its community. 

the museum of croydon
The main goal of The Museum of Croydon is to celebrate the diversity of people living in the area and explore how Croydon unites this community. Its collections represent every aspect of the town, be that a place, a culture, a lifestyle, or an identity.

Coombe Wood

Coombe Wood, perhaps the most popular local leisure destination, is a woodland and garden space sitting in the old village of Coombe in South Croydon.
coombe wood croydon
This area offers peaceful and relaxing views of flowers and woods and seems like a perfect place to spend a weekend at any time of the year. Visitors often call Coombe Wood wood a hidden gem, which is only justified.

Bethlem Museum of the Mind

Describing the Bethlem Museum of the Mind as a fun activity in Croydon seems inappropriate, as it is not exactly entertaining. However, it is undeniably fascinating to delve into the complexities of the mind and gain insight into mental illness.
Croydon's Places To Visit
The museum's displays are one-of-a-kind, showcasing the triumphs of individuals with mental illness and featuring a range of exhibits, from beautiful artwork to intricate installations that delve into the workings of the mind. Additionally, the museum sheds light on how society has historically and currently approached mental illness.

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Is living in Croydon costly?

For a family of four, estimated monthly expenses amount to $3,289.0 (or £2,711.9) excluding rent.

A single person's estimated monthly costs come to $1,007.3 (or £830.6) without rent. Croydon is 38.0% more affordable than New York (excluding rent).

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Regenerated, updated, legendary, creative, upcoming, affordable, well-known, established, efficient, green, spacious, new builds, new build developers, investment, new homes, rising housing competition.

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