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Welcome to North West London, a true gem in the capital that embodies the best from West and North London simultaneously.
Last update on 11 Mar 2024

Key details

  1. Expectations A modern and dignified area with its iconic reputable feel.
  2. Typical lifestyle From busy days and nights in Camden to relaxed weekends at Hampstead Heaths.
  3. Not on the cards Fast morning commutes to Central London or swift connections from far-located districts.
  4. Market settings Affordable housing sits next to affluent new homes. Growing demand and new emerging property hotspots.
  5. Feel of the area Pleasant and friendly village-like living.


Modern, iconic, multicultural, reputable, popular, creative, live, vibrant, cosy, dignified, greenery and scenery, healthy lifestyle, affordable and luxury housing.
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Popular Commute Times

Big Ben 46m by train, 58m by car
Tower of London 59m by train, 70m by car
Hampstead Heaths 35m by train, 20m by car
Heathrow Airport 80m by train, 51m by car

Well Known Subways

Camden Town
Kilburn Park
Wood Lane


North with St Albans
East with Islington
South with Kensington
West with Slough

Around The Block

North West London appeals to those who value efficient transport links and massive greenery. This calm and yet modern area has been a prime focus for many property developers in London recently.

In North West London, buyers are spoilt for choice: you can easily find anything from affordable London new homes to village-like living and top-rated schools. To better understand the ambience and feel of North West London, let’s look at famous hotspots and featured destinations in the area.

Colindale: a Cultural Mix

Colindale in Barnet is a genuine multicultural district in North West London. A promising area has already welcomed several new property developments, which largely sit around the Colindale underground station.

Residents in Colindale have efficient connections to Central London: a ride to King’s Cross takes around 20 minutes, while West End is just 30 minutes away. Additionally, the A41 and M1 sit just nearby, with swift links to Brent Cross and its giant shopping centre.

Colindale in North West London

As for leisure and entertainment, Colindale boasts a multicultural experience. For instance, Indian food restaurants in Colindale sit next to Chinese medicine shops and Asian street food spots.

Hampstead Heaths: an Ancient Treasure

Hampstead, an elite residential community in London, is a sought-after destination among various professionals, creatives, and academics. Residents in this village-like area spend quality time at splendid cafés and famous gastropubs or enjoy the ancient treasure – Hampstead Heaths.

For more than two centuries, the Heath has served as a beloved retreat from urban life, particularly known for the massive fairs that thrived starting around 1850, which led to its affectionate nickname, 'Appy 'Ampstead.

Hampstead Heaths North West London

Hampstead Heath is a wild park of woodland and meadows, a place with one of the best London sceneries.

This park, which inspired C.S. Lewis to create The Chronicles of Narnia, served as the backdrop for Constable's final years of painting, and has offered Londoners from all walks of life a city escape for more than two centuries.

Explore the wildlife and greenery or have a cosy picnic – this is as close as it gets to the village-like living in the capital.

Hampstead Heaths Lifestyle

St John’s Wood: Affluent Living

Coming closer to Central London, there is St John’s Wood, a luxury residential area with leafy high streets. Surprisingly, the district is not crowded with tourists and offers slower-paced, calmer living in the capital.

Residents in St John’s Wood enjoy its classy cafés and posh clothing stores or spend time with families in popular destinations, including London Zoo and the Lord’s Cricket Ground.

London Zoo in North West London

Little Venice: Boat Trips, Scenic Views

Little Venice is a charming and picturesque area in West London, known for its network of canals, narrowboats, and a tranquil atmosphere that makes it resemble the famous Italian city of Venice.

This unique and scenic part of London is a hidden gem, offering a delightful blend of waterways, houseboats, cafés, and green spaces.

Little Venice

The canal paths in Little Venice provide stunning views of the water, lined with trees and charming buildings. The picturesque scenery, especially during the spring and summer months, makes it an excellent spot for photography and a tranquil escape from the bustling city.

Camden: Creativity, Live music, And Shopping

Perhaps the most talked-about districts in North West London are Camden Town and Kentish Town. Most likely, it is because of the vibrant creative hotspots and brilliant live music events.

Famous Koko, The Forum, and The Roundhouse hosted many beloved stars, including Jimi Hendrix and Madonna. Camden is a top destination for those enjoying live music events during long nights in North West London.

Camden Music in North West London

For shopping, there are Camden Market and Kentish Town. In Camden Market, a buyer can hardly miss something on the list – it has everything you can imagine from party clothes to Asian street foods. Kentish Town, in turn, offers more relaxed shopping destinations, such as authentic book stores.

A lot of North West London boroughs enjoy rising numbers of new build developments, driven buy the growing appeal of the area. As a result, this trend attracts more residential developers, offering new homes with higher specifications and features to stand out from the competition. It seems North West London soaked everything good from North and West areas simultaneously. Interestingly enough, the area got its authentic reputation as a dignified yet lively and modern living destination in London.

Moreover, there are a lot of affordable new builds in the area, meaning appealing options for buyers with low budgets.

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The northwest part of London is often considered to be one of the best places to live in the capital thanks to the amount of space that's often attached to properties of the area.

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Modern, iconic, multicultural, reputable, popular, creative, live, vibrant, cosy, dignified, greenery and scenery, healthy lifestyle, affordable and luxury housing.

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