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Regenerated and renovated, friendly and homely, the area has outlived the once infamous reputation of several of its neighbourhoods and warmly welcomes everyone.
Last update on 19 Jan 2024

Key details

  1. Expectations A regenerated modern area with its something-for-all feature. International and diverse, it attracts investors, developers, and residents to live and work in South London.
  2. Typical lifestyle From short morning commutes from the South Bank with buzzing city life to peaceful days and nights in multiple iconic parks, greenery and riverside attractions.
  3. Not on the cards Uniformity, similarity, and intolerance. Exceptional living and working standards and swift commutes across the whole area.
  4. Market settings Everyone can find something for their budget and needs – from affordable spacious Edwardian family houses to luxury and posh South Bank London flats.
  5. Feel of the area Genuinely welcoming and homely, yet diverse and non-uniform.


Contrast, non-uniform, balanced, welcoming, friendly, warm, something-for-all, peaceful, wide, broad, diverse, homely, foods, drinks, hotspots, new properties, residential developments, families, nightlife, greenery, parks.
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Popular Commute Times

Big Ben 43m by train, 33m by car
Nonsuch Park 69m by train, 34m by car
Crystal Palace Park 24m by train, 9m by car
Heathrow Airport 80m by train, 58m by car

Well Known Subways

Clapham South
South Kensington
South Wimbledon


North with City of London
East with Dartford
South with Redhill
West with Hampton

Around The Block

Years ago, several neighbourhoods in South London earned an infamous reputation. But the area has undergone massive regeneration in recent years, which transformed South London into the desired location that has something to offer for every budget and demand.

Recent regeneration projects boosted the appeal of South London: it has swiftly become a residential property hotspot in the capital. It boasts lots of greenery and relatively affordable new real estate, while its transport links offer fast commutes to Central London, and Gatwick Airport sits nearby. Read on to dive a little deeper into this lively area, its features and destinations, and discover the best new builds in South London.

South London: Huge Regeneration Initiatives

Heavy investments attracted new housing developers into South London, which, in turn, brought a flow of creative agencies and modern tech businesses. Thus, the area now attracts more young professionals to live and work in South London.

South London Creatives

Croydon in South London saw one of the most significant regeneration initiatives in recent years. Formerly an infamous district, it has purged its reputation and welcomed numerous new builds in the area. Locals and visitors in Croydon enjoy famous destinations, including street food hotspot Boxpark where you can find anything from exquisite French sweets to Vietnamese originals.

South London: Family Living and Leisure

Many London families crave living in Sutton, sitting at the foot of North Downs. The area boasts spacious yet relatively affordable splendid Edwardian houses and top-rated schools.

The greenery in the area likewise excites locals in Sutton. Nonsuch Park and Manor Park are among the sought-after leisure destinations in Sutton. In general, greenery creates a genuine natural feel in the area, which is relevant for people who value lifestyle based on well-being. This trend became more evident as the world entered the pandemic back in 2020.

Nonsuch Park Epsom

The nearby Epsom – a cosy market town only 45-minute away from Waterloo in Central London – also catches the attention of residents and visitors.

South London: Vivid Nightlife

South London is also known for its quirky nightlife hotspots. Take, for example, one of the featured destinations in Croydon, Matthew’s Yard, a daytime business centre and a nighttime gallery and theatre.

Croydon Nightlife London

Clapham and Brixton are already the benchmarks for London nightlife, with many pubs, clubs, and cocktail bars in the areas. In addition, locals and residents enjoy a quality ale and Sunday roasts in the riverside Lambeth.

Places To Eat 

Here are some fantastic dining options to explore in South London.

  • Flour&Grape
  • Yama Momo 
  • Dragon Castle 
  • José
  • Kaieteur Kitchen

Restaurants You Must Visit in South London

South London: Destinations to Visit

Crystal Palace Park

Crystal Palace Park in Bromley is a massive Grade II listed park. It is a perfect place for any outdoor activity, including training, recreation, or spending quality time. The pandemic has dramatically changed our life priorities towards a healthier lifestyle. That is why areas that offer massive greenery and sports amenities are in such high demand.

Crystal Palace Park

Be sure to take a look at giant dinosaur statues or check out the local skatepark: anyone can spend quality time in Crystal Palace Park.

Dulwich Picture Gallery

Dulwich Picture Gallery in the heart of Dulwich Village, 15-minute away from Central London, is the world’s first purpose-built public art gallery founded in 1811.

Visitors enjoy the UK leading exhibitions and a wide range of public and art events at this vibrant cultural hub.

Dulwich Picture Gallery

The Royal Observatory

Located in the heart of Greenwich, this observatory is the site of the Prime Meridian, where you can stand on the world-famous Meridian Line. It offers a fascinating insight into astronomy and navigation, with an onsite museum showcasing historic scientific instruments and a planetarium.

The observatory is also part of the Greenwich UNESCO World Heritage Site, surrounded by beautiful parkland.

Royal Observatory in South London

If to describe South London appeal in two words, one would perhaps highlight its something-for-all factor. South London locations are modern, eclectic, and universal – they welcome all walks of life. Given the changed market landscape, South London is to welcome an influx of new buyers in 2023 thanks to its often favourable property prices and buying incentives.

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Is South London A Nice Place To Reside?

South London offers a fantastic living experience for those exploring housing options in London. It's known for providing better value compared to areas north of the Thames, boasting a diverse array of neighbourhoods.

Whether your preference is vibrant nightlife, a community suitable for families, or an area with historical charm or a cosmopolitan feel, South London has something to cater to a variety of tastes and needs

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Contrast, non-uniform, balanced, welcoming, friendly, warm, something-for-all, peaceful, wide, broad, diverse, homely, foods, drinks, hotspots, new properties, residential developments, families, nightlife, greenery, parks.

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