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Ease Your Path to a New Home with Own New Financial Scheme

Ease Your Path to a New Home with Own New Financial Scheme

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The Own New Rate Reducer Program emerges as a beacon of hope, specifically crafted to address the financial hurdles that often stand between potential homeowners and their aspirations. Whether you're a first-time buyer, seeking a larger space for your family, or contemplating a secondary residence, the Own New Rate Reducer is designed to ease the financial burden and pave a smoother path to homeownership. 

Exquisite Property Is Affordable For You

Embrace Homeownership with Own New

In a world where the dream of homeownership seems increasingly out of reach for many, Own New Rate Reducer program is going to gift hope.

This inventive scheme is tailored for individuals and families aspiring to purchase a new build property, be it their very first home, a larger dwelling for growing families, or a vacation retreat.

The cornerstone of the Own New Rate Reducer program is its offer of mortgages at reduced interest rates over a set term, which translates into more manageable monthly outlays.

Your Path to Ownership

Embarking on the journey to owning your dream property through Own New Rate Reducer is a straightforward affair:

  1. Select Your Ideal Home: Your first step is to choose a new build — either a house or flat.
  2. Mortgage Application Process: Upon reserving your selected property, you will promptly receive a Letter of Acknowledgment. This crucial document must be forwarded to your mortgage broker to initiate the Own New mortgage application process.
  3. Contract Exchange and Deposit: After obtaining a mortgage offer, you are required to exchange contracts with a down payment of at least 10% for houses or 20% for apartments, all within a six-week timeframe from your reservation date.
  4. Completion and Move-in: The final step unfolds with the completion of your property's construction, culminating in the thrilling move into your new home.

Your Path to Own New

How It Works

Let's imagine that you are purchasing a home valued at £500,000 with a minimum deposit of 10%. Here are the calculations for you.

Purchase Price £500,000 
10% Deposit £50,000
LTV Mortgage £450,000

Monthly Payment

(Based on 5 year fix at an Own New rate Reducer of 2.68%) 


Advantages of the Own New Program

Here's a closer look at the practical advantages offered by the Own New Rate Reducer Program. 

Broad Eligibility

Whether you are gainfully employed or navigating self-employment, the Own New program assesses applicants based on their current income, making it a viable option for a wide audience, including those with evolving credit histories.

Reduced Financial Burden

The program's hallmark is its reduced-rate mortgages, easing the financial strain during the initial homeownership phase with significantly lower monthly payments.

Advantages of the program

Minimal Deposit Requirements

Own New facilitates early homeownership through minimal deposit demands, starting from a mere 5%, thus alleviating the need for substantial upfront savings or familial financial support.

Complete Ownership and Modern Living

Enjoy the perks of owning 100% of a modern, energy-efficient home that sidesteps the maintenance hassles and dated aesthetics often associated with older properties.

Why Opt for Own New?

Berkeley's Own New Rate Reducer program emerges as a pioneering solution amidst the current cost of living challenges, offering prospective homeowners a feasible pathway to acquiring a new home with financial ease.

It stands out for its innovative Rate Reducer and Deposit Drop features, aimed at minimizing the economic barriers to homeownership.

This program not only facilitates easier access to property ownership but ensures that buyers do not compromise on the quality or sovereignty of their new Berkeley home.

Expanding the Dream of Homeownership

In today's context, the initiative is a program that rekindles the attainability of homeownership for a broader spectrum of society. With the introduction of Own New, the group underscores its commitment to quality, accessibility, and financial viability, ensuring that the journey to owning a home is paved with support, affordability, and transparency.

Dream of Homeownership

By opting for a property through the Own New Rate Reducer program, you are stepping into a home designed with your dreams and financial well-being in mind. Discover the eligible homes today and embark on a fulfilling path to securing a beautiful, new home that is unmistakably yours.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Can I Use This Service?

Own New collaborates with a wide range of construction companies nationwide, from large-scale national corporations to local regional enterprises. Should your chosen builder be a participant in the program, they will guide you to a broker, allowing you to proceed with a mortgage application through the standard process.

Who Provides the Mortgage?

The mortgage agreement is established directly with the lending institution. The goal of Own New is to expand the availability of both the Rate Reducer and Deposit Drop programs by partnering with additional lenders across the country soon.

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