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Extra Top 3 Areas To Buy New Homes In London 2023

Extra Top 3 Areas To Buy New Homes In London 2023

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We extend our selection of the most promising London neighbourhoods for buying new build properties in 2023.

Our previous selection features several promising London areas that stay resilient against the global economic volatility and living costs crisis. Here are three other upcoming property hotspots to watch out for in 2023.

Enfield, Noth London

Enfield is a spacious borough sitting in North London, offering affordable properties and appealing green spaces. Property prices in the area are well-below London averages — the main reason so many people want to live in Enfield.

As a result, demand is rising, pushing property prices and rents. Moreover, these trends attract new build developers in the borough, delivering brand-ned homes with high EPC rankings.

Young buyers and professionals enjoy a variety of cafés and restaurants in the area, while families prefer to spend free time at numerous parks and green spaces. It is hardly surprising that Enfield made it to this list of most promising London boroughs.

East Ham, East London

East Ham is an emerging property hotspot, once considered a poor cousin of Stratford. However, the area has transformed and welcomed an influx of buyers and housebuilders, thanks to its perfect location (Zone 3), regeneration initiatives, and investment.

The neighbourhood boasts many top-tier restaurants, vibrant high streets, and real estate that suits different budgets. As a result, the area is on the radar of many property hunters in 2023.

Tottenham, North London

Tottenham is one of the most iconic London boroughs. In October 2022, Greggs opened up on Tottenham high street, suggesting that the area is gaining a lot of attention from people looking for new homes in London.

Tottenham is known for efficient commutes, excellent infrastructure, and community spirit. In addition, it is known for its community and sports spirit, thanks to several grand sporting venues.

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