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Reprieve in the Rental Market Across UK Regions

Reprieve in the Rental Market Across UK Regions

by Ariana
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For the second consecutive month, rental prices have experienced a decline. The HomeLet Rental Index reports a 0.9% decrease from November to December, offering a brief relief for tenants following a period of continuous hikes.

Brief Relief For Tenants

Every region, including Greater London with a notable 2.2% decrease, observed this downward trend in hiring costs.

Despite these recent reductions, the annual increase in rents remains significant at 8%, and an even more substantial 19.6% rise since 2021.

As of January 2023, the average hire charge for a room was £952 monthly, marking a 7% upsurge compared to the previous year. In the capital, fees surpassed the £1,000 mark in August of the previous year, reaching a peak of £1,030 in October 2023.

Annual increase in rents is still here

By December 2023, the average hire charge for a room in London dropped slightly to £1,019, suggesting potential improvements for leaseholders in the upcoming year.

While these recent figures may seem favourable for tenants in the short term, it's premature to consider them a significant turning point. 

The year 2023 was challenging for both landlords and tenants, with a yearly growth of 8% in rents and a near 20% jump since 2021.

Season'23 Price
Winter £957
Spring £971
Summer £997
Autumn £1,027
December £1,019

1newhomes table. Average London room rents, 2023

There's cautious optimism for the UK market, but it's too soon to declare a positive trend. The slight reduction in dues does offer some financial relief to tenants and may reduce default risks, but the overall situation remains complex and difficult for all involved, with no immediate signs of enhancement.

Looking ahead to 2024, unless there are substantial changes, similar challenges are expected. Landlords will continue to face issues such as limited property availability, escalating costs, and high buy-to-let mortgage rates.

Similar challenges in 2024

In Greater London, rents have risen by 21.4% over the same period. Tenants are now allocating over 40% of their income towards charter, with projections suggesting a further 2% surge in rates in 2024. 

The capital has reached its "affordability ceiling", yet leases in the city are predicted to grow by another 5% before stabilizing.

The struggle with high rental payments is driving more individuals in London to become first-time homeowners, encouraged by more affordable mortgage rates.

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