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The Mortgage Works Slashes Buy-to-Let Rates to 4.99%

The Mortgage Works Slashes Buy-to-Let Rates to 4.99%

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The Mortgage Works, a buy-to-let pledge loaner affiliated with Nationwide Building Society, has recently reduced buy-to-let rates for existing customers interested in switching their debts. The diminutions that reach up to 0.85% apply to selected buy-to-let estimates within the switcher range.

For instance, a 2-year fixed quota is now available at 4.99% with a fee equal to 3%, catering to up to 55% loan-to-value (LTV) and reduced by 0.85%. Following these adjustments, the 3-year established rate stands at 5.3% for up to 65% LTV, a cutback of 0.70%.

Mortgage Rates Are Going Down

Moreover, there is a 5-year settled amount at 5.3% with a 3% fee, available for up to 75% LTV, decreased by 0.4%. Further reductions include a 10-year fixed percentage equal to 5.5 with a commission of £1,495, available for up to 75% LTV, decreased by 0.45%. 

Key figures:

  • 2-year fixed rate: 4.9% 
  • 3-year established rate: 5.3%
  • 5-year settled rate: 5.3%
  • 10-year fixed rate: 5.5% 

As well as a 2-year tracker figure at 5.04% with a 3% expense, applicable for up to 65% LTV, dwindled by 0.05%.

These recent rate devaluations underscore their unwavering commitment and support to existing customers, assisting them in managing their finances effectively through the competitive estimates' application.

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