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The Top Boroughs in London for Abundant Green Spaces

The Top Boroughs in London for Abundant Green Spaces

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While London ranks as the fourth largest city in Europe by population, it also boasts a wealth of stunning leafy areas. In this guide, we will explore the finest boroughs and neighbourhoods in London that offer ample spaces.

The Greenest Areas of London

Which London Area is the Most Verdant?

According to our study, Richmond-on-Thames claims the title of London's most verdant borough. It is closely followed by Greenwich, Bromley, Enfield, and Ealing.


Situated in London's southwest, Richmond-on-Thames stands out for its exceptional and top-tier green spaces, unrivaled in the city. This borough proudly hosts Richmond Park, the city's most expansive verdant zone, sprawling over 2,500 acres. This place boasts a rich array of plants and wildlife.

city's most expansive verdant zone

As you meander along its varied pathways, you might spot a unique sight in the English capital – herds of free-roaming deer. Not just limited to Richmond Park, which accounts for half of the borough's area, the northern part of Richmond town is also home to the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew.


This region seamlessly blends lush greenery with rich historical and cultural elements. Despite the absence of a Tube station, Greenwich's accessibility through buses, trains, and the Overground makes it a convenient choice for city workers, who often prefer living here over central London. The area's ample leafy spaces, lively nightlife, and array of attractions are highly valued by residents, and commuting is not a major concern.

Blend of Lush Greenery and Culture

Greenwich Park, a World Heritage Site adjacent to the Royal Naval College, the Queen’s House, and the National Maritime Museum, stands out as the area's most cherished garden spot. For those seeking a peaceful riverside experience, the Thames Path offers a scenic walk starting from the iconic Cutty Sark, passing the O2 arena, and stretching towards Woolwich in the west.


Distinguished as the borough with the most green alleys in London, Bromley occupies the southeastern most tip of the Greater London area. As the largest borough in the city, it spans an impressive 59 square miles, with a significant 9.9 miles dedicated to parks and grassy areas for the community to enjoy.

Around 10 miles of green spaces in Bromley

The southern part of Bromley is particularly notable for its verdant landscapes. Here, you'll find Normal Park, situated near the Bromley Football Club stadium. This recreation area is a segment of a larger expanse of greenery that extends over 4 miles, offering a lush, natural haven for residents and visitors alike.


Perched on London's northern boundary, Enfield is a patchwork of leafy and urban open spaces, comprising roughly 40% of its area. This includes swathes of high-value farmland, dense woodlands, and charming country farms.

These verdant belts are complemented by Metropolitan Open Land in more urban parts, featuring sports fields and recreational areas, and a variety of open spaces. Along Enfield's eastern border flows the River Lee, accompanied by a series of reservoirs.

Diverse greenery areas of Enfield

The greenery areas in Enfield are diverse, ranging from nationally significant ones like Trent Country Park, Forty Hall, and Grovelands, to those steeped in history as former grounds of stately homes, such as Pymmes, Broomfield, and Arnos. Additionally, newer places like Albany, Durants, Jubilee, Enfield Town, and Oakwood offer unique experiences.

The historic grounds of Capel Manor, Myddleton House, and West Lodge also present intriguing destinations for visitors. Each of these woodlands and grounds has its own unique charm and character.


In Ealing, the local council proudly oversees ten principal parklands, recognized for their size and popularity within the borough. Additionally, Ealing is home to four significant nature conservation areas, which together form expansive grass-covered corridors and substantial green alleys.

Home to 200 parks

Overall, there are more than 200 parks in this district. Their maintenance is supervised by Ealing Parks Foundation. EPF is a charitable organisation functioning since 2020. At the beginning, they were sponsored by the Parks Department of Ealing Council, who conducted the search for Trustees. Now, EPF is independent, and all of its Trustees are chosen from the local community.

Why Green Spaces Are Important?

The significance of verdant spaces in London extends deeply into the city's environmental, cultural, and economic fabric. Economically, these verdant areas are estimated to hold a value of up to £5 billion annually.

Parks hold tremendous value

Moreover, London's public parks contribute significantly to national savings, reducing NHS expenses by approximately £950 million each year through their impact on physical and mental health services.

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