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Top 5 London Boroughs Preferred by Students

Top 5 London Boroughs Preferred by Students

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London, a city known for its rich history, diverse culture, and world-class education, attracts students from around the globe. When it comes to choosing a place to live during their studies, certain regions stand out as popular choices for scholars. 

"Each district has its unique appeal, catering to the various needs and aspirations of students, ultimately enhancing their overall educational experience."

Students In London

Here, we'll explore the top five boroughs that are particularly favoured by sophomores and the reasons behind their popularity.

Have A Closer Look At Camden

Located in North London, Camden is a vibrant and eclectic district loved by scholars. It's renowned for its alternative and bohemian atmosphere, attracting those with an artistic and creative flair. The area is home to the famous Camden Market, offering a blend of food, music, and unique shopping experiences.

Students, explore Camden!

Camden's proximity to universities like University College London (UCL) and London School of Economics (LSE) makes it a prime choice for undergraduates seeking a lively neighbourhood.

Cost of Accommodation

The borough tends to have a moderate to high cost of residing. However, there are preferences for student accommodation and shared living that can help manage costs.

Student Amenities and Facilities

The place boasts several libraries, cultural centres, art galleries, and recreational spaces, providing ample amenities for academic and leisure needs.

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Safety and Security

The region has seen improvements in safety measures in recent years, although like any urban area, it's important to remain vigilant and aware of their surroundings.

Shoreditch Is Also Here

Shoreditch is a hub for creativity, startups, and innovation. It has a thriving art scene, trendy cafés, and a buzzing nightlife, making it a magnet for scholars pursuing creative fields. Institutions like Metropolitan University and University of the Arts are nearby, making Shoreditch an attractive choice for those studying art, design, and fashion.

Shoreditch is Perfect For Student Life


The district is well-served by public transport, including the Overground, buses, and the Underground, ensuring easy access to other parts of the city and academic institutions.


It is renowned for its dynamic social scene, featuring street art, galleries, pop-up markets, and a vibrant nightlife with numerous clubs and bars, providing ample cultural practices for sophomores.

Safe For Students

Safety and Security

Shoreditch has witnessed efforts to improve safety, and it is generally considered safe for students. 

More About King's Cross and Bloomsbury

Situated in Central London, King's Cross and the nearby Bloomsbury area are popular among scholars due to their proximity to major academies like University College London (UCL) and SOAS University of London.

King's Cross is a transport hub, making it easy for undergraduates to commute across the city. Bloomsbury is known for its intellectual heritage and numerous libraries, making it a haven for academic pursuits.

King's Cross Is A Definite Leader


The districts are exceptionally well-connected, with King's Cross being a major transportation hub, facilitating easy travel across the city and to institutes.

Student Amenities and Facilities

The region is rich in academic resources, with renowned libraries like the British Library, ample study spaces, and a range of institutions that cater to academic and recreational needs.

Best Regions For Students

Cultural Scene

King's Cross and Bloomsbury offer a blend of intellectual practices, with theatres, museums, cafés, and a diverse food realms, appealing to those seeking an intellectual and social environment.

Notting Hill Demonstrates Success 

Located in the western part, Notting Hill is known for its charming streets, colourful houses, and an energetic community. Portobello Road Market is a major attraction, offering vintage clothing, antiques, and street food.

The place is within reach of Imperial College and University of Westminster, making it an appealing choice for those who appreciate a mix of novel experiences and a relaxed lifestyle.

Exquisite Opportunities For Future Life

Cost of Living and Dwelling

It tends to have a higher cost of living, including house costs. However, students can find shared housing options.

Social Scene

The borough is known for its lively atmosphere, featuring a multitude of events, festivals, and a rich ambience that appeals to those looking for a unique and vibrant life.

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This place is considered to be a safe space, but everyone is encouraged to take common-sense safety precautions.

Higher Demand For Clapham and Battersea

Clapham and Battersea, in South London, are gaining popularity among students seeking a mix of urban living and green spaces. Clapham Common provides a recreational area for relaxation and outdoor activities.

The borough is well-connected by public transport and is in proximity to academies such as the University of Roehampton and South Bank University, making it convenient for scholars pursuing various courses.

Clapham and Battersea Attract Many Students

House Prices

Clapham and Battersea offer a more affordable cost of lifestyle compared to central boroughs. Shared dwellings and purpose-built student accommodations are prevalent here.

Social Scene

Clapham and Battersea provide a mix of nightlife, restaurants, cultural events, and outdoor activities, making it an attractive choice for students seeking a different vibes and lifestyle.

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The districts are generally considered safe, and the presence of parks and recreational spaces adds to the sense of security. 

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