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Explore Hampstead's captivating blend of historical elegance, artistic heritage, and green expanses in our thorough guide. This area is not just a place to live but a choice for a refined lifestyle amidst London's hustle.
Last update on 04 Feb 2024

Key details

  1. Education Hampstead boasts a selection of outstanding educational facilities.
  2. Cultural Richness The area's artistic heritage is significant, having been a sanctuary for poets, painters, and writers.
  3. Historic Charm Hampstead boasts an extensive and vibrant history, tracing its origins back to the Bronze Age.
  4. Natural Beauty Every year, countless visitors are drawn to Hampstead Heath with vast green spaces.
  5. Property Hampstead is characterized by its picturesque and affluent property landscape with up-to-date amenities.


Affluent, ancient, architectural, health-conscious, high-end, green, popular among families, prestigious, international, vibrant.
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Popular Commute Times

Madame Tussauds 22m by train, 15m by car
London Eye 35m by train, 25m by car
British Museum 30m by train, 20m by car 
The London Zoo 20m by train, 10m by car

Well Known Subways

Hampstead station 
Belsize Park station
Finchley Road station
West Hampstead station


North with Hampstead Heath 
East with Kentish Town 
South with Belsize Park
West with West Hampstead

Around The Block

Nestled in the heart of North London, Hampstead is not just a neighbourhood but a lifestyle choice, celebrated for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant cultural scene. This guide delves deeper into Hampstead's unique qualities.

Park of Hampstead

Historical Charm

Hampstead boasts an extensive and vibrant history, tracing its origins back to the Bronze Age. The Romans established their presence in the area around 43AD, constructing a fortification atop Parliament Hill.

During the medieval period, Hampstead was a quaint hamlet inhabited by agriculturists and merchants. Its allure surged in the 17th century as it became a sought-after retreat for the affluent denizens of London seeking respite from urban life.

Beautiful Hampstead

The 18th century saw Hampstead transform into a renowned spa destination, attributed to its therapeutic natural springs. Visitors flocked from across London to partake in the healing properties of its waters.

The 19th century marked Hampstead's evolution into a favoured haunt for poets and authors, including the likes of John Keats, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and Virginia Woolf, enhancing its cultural tapestry.

18th century in Hampstead

Today, in the 21st century, Hampstead has evolved into a vibrant and exclusive area, celebrated for its high-end residential appeal.

Cultural Richness

Famous residents, past and present, have found inspiration in Hampstead's serene environment, enriching the community with a distinctive cultural identity.

The area's artistic heritage is significant, having been a sanctuary for poets, painters, and writers.

Hampstead Observatory

Tucked away among Hampstead's charming, cobbled lanes lies a less conspicuous marvel, the Hampstead Observatory. This local treasure offers stargazers the chance to explore the cosmos through a 6" Cooke refracting telescope.

Hampstead Observatory

Open to astronomy enthusiasts on Friday and Saturday nights from September to April, the observatory invites the public to observe the wonders of the night sky, including special astronomical events like eclipses and comets. Embrace the opportunity to explore the universe from Hampstead Observatory.

Hampstead's Historical Markers

As you wander through Hampstead, keep an eye out for the distinctive blue (or black) plaques adorning various buildings. This area, rich in cultural heritage, boasts 75 markers commemorating the lives and works of notable figures including writers, poets, artists, and innovators.

George Orwell Lived Here

Embarking on a quest to find all 75 plaques is a rewarding experience for Hampstead residents and visitors alike. Free guided walking tours are available, offering insights into the stories behind these historical markers.

Everyman Cinema and Spielburger

Hampstead proudly hosts the original Everyman Cinema, setting the standard for luxury movie-watching experiences. Nestled just off Heath Street, this cinema allows guests to sink into plush sofas and enjoy service directly to their seats, revolutionizing the movie-going experience.

Cinema In Hampstead

Adjacent to the cinema, the Spielburger restaurant offers a cleverly named dining experience, featuring delicious burgers and American-style cuisine. Whether before or after your film, it's the perfect spot for a bite.

Property Settings

Hampstead is characterized by its picturesque and affluent property landscape, offering a blend of historical charm and modern luxury.

Look at this!

The streets of Hampstead are lined with leafy avenues and cobbled lanes, adding to the area's exclusive and tranquil atmosphere. Properties here often provide stunning views of Hampstead Heath, one of London's most beloved green spaces.

Hampstead is also home to several secluded mews and private cul-de-sacs, where more intimate, characterful homes can be found. These settings offer privacy and a sense of community within the bustling metropolis of London.

Amazing homes in Hampstead

The area's high-end properties are complemented by a range of luxurious amenities, including designer boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and exclusive private schools.

Education and Community Life

The community's engagement in local events, from farmers' markets to art exhibitions, fosters a strong sense of belonging and community spirit. Hampstead also boasts a selection of outstanding educational facilities, drawing families and young professionals alike to this area. 

Highgate Educational Institute

For those in search of educational opportunities within Hampstead, a variety of esteemed institutions are available. Highlighted below are some of the top schools located in Hampstead:

  • Highgate Educational Institute
  • Hampstead Academy
  • Camden Academy for Girls
  • Perse Institute for Girls
  • St. Paul's Academy for Girls

Dining Scene

In the heart of Hampstead, you're spoilt for choice with a plethora of dining options. Below are some highly recommended eateries in the area:

L'Antica Pizzeria Renowned for possibly offering the finest pizzas in the city, L'Antica brings a touch of Naples to Hampstead with its speciality pizzas baked in a traditional wood-fire oven.
La Crêperie de Hampstead Embodying the French essence of Hampstead, La Crêperie de Hampstead has been a local favourite since its opening in 1980. It's known far and wide for its delicious crêpes, drawing visitors from across London. 
The Wells Blending the relaxed atmosphere of a pub with upscale dining, The Wells is a Hampstead staple set in a grand Georgian edifice. Close to the Heath on Well Walk, it offers a dual experience: a casual space for diners and drinkers on the ground floor and a more refined dining area upstairs.

Natural Beauty and Recreational Spaces

Every year, countless visitors are drawn to Hampstead Heath to immerse themselves in its 800 acres of vast open landscapes. This London gem offers an expanse of rural beauty featuring undulating fields, picturesque paths, dense forests, and a rich diversity of wildlife.


Make your way to Parliament Hill for breathtaking panoramas of the city, or take a plunge in one of the three accessible swimming ponds. Additionally, enrich your cultural experience by exploring Kenwood House, the historic mansion situated on the Heath's northern edge.

Frequently Asked Questions


What zone is Hampstead in London?

Hampstead is in 2 and 3 zones.

Is Hampstead A Nice Area To Reside?

Hampstead is esteemed as one of London's more upscale neighbourhoods. With its sophisticated, historical buildings, premium facilities, and positioning in the prosperous London Borough of Camden, it upholds a distinguished status.

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Affluent, ancient, architectural, health-conscious, high-end, green, popular among families, prestigious, international, vibrant.

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