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Fast-Tracking Court Cases for London's New Build Properties

Fast-Tracking Court Cases for London's New Build Properties

by Kos
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In a plea for swift action, the National Residential Landlords Association has called upon the Ministry of Justice to accelerate the processing time of possession cases related to real estate, particularly for new build homes in London. They emphasize the need to eradicate prolonged delays, particularly those extending beyond six months, especially in anticipation of the abolition of Section 21 'no fault evictions.'

The association conveyed their concerns through an open letter, citing a recent report from the Levelling Up, Housing & Communities (LUHC) Select Committee. This report sounded a cautionary note, highlighting the potential adverse effects of an unreformed court system on the government's proposed tenancy reforms for new homes in London.

Accelerating Court Procedures

Various measures to reduce court wait times were proposed, including the judicature processes digitalization and the increasing number of staff dedicated to handling possession cases for newly built developments.

Analysts expressed deep concern over the longstanding issue of judicature wait times affecting real estate, especially for those seeking to reclaim their residence from disruptive tenants or those facing substantial rent arrears in newly built homes.

In preparation for the second reading of the Renters (Reform) Bill, specialists stressed the need for the government to provide a clear outline of what law reform entails, instilling confidence within the real estate sector. They emphasized that the original intent behind Section 21 was to empower property owners to address problematic tenancies for new homes in London efficiently. 

Court Reforms

With its impending abolition, landlords should maintain confidence that, upon providing valid reasons, their repossession claims for developments will be expedited.

Period Wait Time (in months)
Before Reforms 6
After Digitization 4
Increased Staffing  3
Projected Targets 2

Average Court Wait Times for New Build Properties in London

  • "Before Reforms" represents the average wait time before reforms' implementation.
  • "After Digitization" indicates the average wait time after implementing a digitalization strategy for court processes.
  • "Increased Staffing" represents the average wait time after increasing the number of staff dedicated to handling these cases.
  • "Projected Targets" demonstrates the anticipated average wait time after achieving specific processing targets and reforms.

Specialists supported the Levelling Up Secretary's insistence that the abolition of Section 21 should align with the courts being adequately prepared to handle such cases for newly built houses

Court News In Regard To Real Estate

However, they stressed the necessity for detailed plans, encompassing investments, digitization strategies, and ambitious processing targets to reassure responsible landlords in the real estate sector that the reforms will effectively serve their interests.

Failing to do so would jeopardize the successful implementation of the reforms and worsen the already critical shortage of rental housing supply for new homes in London.

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