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Harnessing the Power of HMOs for Profitable Investments

Harnessing the Power of HMOs for Profitable Investments

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Amidst the ever-shifting terrain of London's real estate domain, an intriguing trend has emerged, captivating both seasoned proprietors and newcomers alike: the surging allure of HMOs, or Houses in Multiple Occupation. 

HMO's popularity

HMOs Reshape the Market

Traditionally, HMOs constituted approximately a quarter of Shawbrook's buy-to-let endeavors in 2022 and 2023. However, in response to the dynamic pulse of the market, this proportion has vaulted to over a third in 2024, marking a significant ascent to 34%. 

Notably, this trend isn't confined to seasoned investors. Even novices have ramped up their HMO ventures from 17% to 21% over the same timeframe.

HMOs reshape the market

The experts attribute this paradigm shift to the inherent resilience of HMOs amidst economic tumult. He underscores how HMOs furnish landlords with a sturdy shield against uncertainties, courtesy of their capacity to yield higher rental returns, particularly in climates of heightened interest rates.

Moreover, the fluid turnover of tenants within HMOs empowers landlords to calibrate rents in sync with market dynamics, ensuring a steady influx of revenue.

The Appeal of High Returns

A primary allure of HMOs lies in their potential for amplified returns. Recent data reveals that the mean monthly rent per room in an HMO stands at £593, translating to a commendable £2,372 per month for a four-tenant setup.

Consequently, the average yield from a four-bedroom HMO stands robustly at 8.1%, dwarfing the 4.4% typically garnered by conventional rental properties.

High returns and demand

Furthermore, landlords are drawn to the malleability of HMOs, permitting property reconfigurations that metamorphose lower-yielding single lets into higher-yielding HMOs. As landlords pivot their strategies to thrive amidst economic headwinds, this adaptability assumes heightened significance.

Meeting Demand

In response to burgeoning demand, Shawbrook has bolstered its HMO criteria, enabling landlords to secure larger maximum loan sizes.

Some expert prognosticate further expansion in the HMO sphere, especially with the promise of impending interest rate adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you do HMO in London?

If you're contemplating becoming a landlord for a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO), wherein five or more individuals from two or more households share a dwelling, you'll need to initiate the process of obtaining a mandatory HMO license.

How much is HMO in UK?

Standard fee for a new HMO licence is split into two payments: £1,121 for payment one, £765 for payment two.

What are the new HMO rules in the UK?

Starting from December 1, 2023, all HMOs in England will be assessed as a unified property (aggregated) for Council Tax assessment purposes.

These legislative adjustments are applicable to all HMOs, encompassing both licensed and unlicensed premises.

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