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Home Alone Houses Are 132% More Expensive

Home Alone Houses Are 132% More Expensive

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The recent study by property experts at MoveStreets shows how much are Home Alone style houses more expensive in the today property market.

Georgian style houses, or Home Alone homes from the beloved film, are appealing to UK homebuyers.

Therefore, people buy such properties for notably higher prices.

Researchers compared the current asking prices of Georgian style homes in 15 major UK cities and analysed how they compare to the surrounding properties.

According to the research findings, an average price of a Georgian style home reaches £728k today. It sharply contrasts with the average house prices for non-Georgian style homes that are 39% or £203k cheaper.

How do the areas differ?

As for locations, Liverpool has the most significant price premium on Georgian homes: such properties cost 123% more than other homes.

Newcastle comes second with Georgian property prices 90% higher than other homes. Oxford makes it to top-3, with Georgian style homes selling for 61% more than the other surrounding housing.

Nottingham and Cardiff close the top-5 areas with the highest house price premium on Georgian property against other home types: such homes are worth 55% and 50% more, respectively.

York has the lowest difference between Home Alone houses and other property types: buyers get Georgian style homes for £564k on average, which is still a 15% increase against other houses in the area.

What has the professional to say?

Adam Kamani of MoveStreets points out the increased appeal of Georgian homes and shares the reasons for that. Such properties are larger, while current buyers are willing to pay more for additional space because of the pandemic-related changes.

Kamani likewise highlights that 2 of the 3 price hotspots for Georgian houses are in the North. It might be because of the stock shortage of Georgian style properties in the areas rather than many Home Alone fans.

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