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London Disclosures Top Family-Friendly Districts

London Disclosures Top Family-Friendly Districts

by Ariana
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Relocating to a new residence poses its challenges, especially for families juggling various priorities. The multitude of options in London can be overwhelming. That's why we've curated a list of the top family-friendly places in London to streamline your search.

Top Places For Families To Reside

In crafting this list, we concentrated on three pivotal factors for families: safety, schools, and green spaces. While there are numerous other considerations, we believe these are the fundamental elements for choosing a suitable family residence.


Situated in the South West, Richmond stands as one of London's most affluent residential neighbourhoods. Creating a village-in-a-city atmosphere, it is enveloped by two of London's lushest areas, Kew Gardens and Richmond Park. 

Richmond Starts Our List

The verdant surroundings, complemented by breathtaking views of the River Thames, contribute to the tranquillity of the area. Richmond's affluence and green serenity make it an appealing choice for families. With a notably low crime rate, Richmond is undeniably favoured by families of all ages.

Kensington and Chelsea

This affluent area magnetizes both the well-heeled London elite and families seeking spacious and attractive homes. Offering access to notable green spaces like Hyde Park and Holland Park, along with excellent private and state schools, it comes with a hefty price tag.

Always Perfect Kensington & Chelsea

Schools in the Kensington area are of high quality, with institutions such as The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial RC School and Chelsea Academy ranking among the best.


Located to the west of the city centre, Chiswick exudes a leafy and affluent ambiance with almost a village-like feel. Renowned for its quiet streets, low crime rate, and an array of independent stores, Chiswick is ideal for those desiring a family-friendly region away from the city bustle.

Chiswick Is Another Option For Families 

The presence of high-performing schools adds to its appeal, making Chiswick a strong contender for families seeking a balance between tranquillity and proximity to the city centre.


Living up to its name, Greenwich offers an abundance of beautiful parks and green spaces, coupled with stunning views of the river.

Greenwich Offers New Possibilities

This quiet yet aesthetically pleasing region boasts 58 'outstanding' Ofsted-ranked schools within a 3-mile radius, making Greenwich a comprehensive package for families seeking natural beauty and educational excellence.

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