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New promising Sylvan Square development site in Southwark is available

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A prospective Sylvan Square mixed-use development site in South-West London entered the market. The site has been put on sale by one of London's finest estate professionals Kalmars and CBRE.

Worth £100m (Gross Development Value), Sylvan Square is located in Southwark, London Zone 2, and set to provide two buildings with 219 new homes with 32k square feet of commercial space and a green square.

It is possible to acquire Sylvan Square freehold for investment purposes, build-to-rent, and Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA). The development could offer 219 new homes with 160 apartments available for the private sector and 35 per cent to be affordable housing.

Sebastian Kalmar from Kalmars believes that Sylvan Square is a genuinely unique project that can offer a special mix of working and residential space. The site's development team put lots of effort into achieving a splendid design with modern sustainable development appealing to developers, investors, and prospective residents. He thinks that Sylvan Square is well-located in a thriving area of London and «is a development opportunity not to be missed» as it has striking potential as an investment purchase, or for development, build-to-rent, or PBSA purposes.

Jonathan Allen from CBRE also believes that Sylvan Square has great potential to benefit from the up-and-coming surrounding area and can «capture a new wave of growth.» Sustainable development (ESG) has been the top priority in the site's design resulting in Sylvan Square set to lead this field. Its uncompromising green credentials will be welcomed by investors and residents, especially in the current challenging settings.

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