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Simple Tips On Energy Savings During Holidays 2021/2022

Simple Tips On Energy Savings During Holidays 2021/2022

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We discuss the best energy tips for homeowners during the festive season to have more environmentally-friendly holidays.

The festive season is a marvellous time, but for many, it often comes with excessive energy bills, including light overuse and cooking around the clock.

On average, UK households spend £42.6m on energy on Christmas day alone. To help start a New Year without financial gaps, BestHeating shares the best energy tips for homeowners during the festive season.

Look Into Eco Solutions

Do not be tempted into excessive illuminations – going for LED lights might cut down their electricity consumption by 90%. Fibre optic decorations, in turn, offer no costs and carbon footprint at all.


Leave Space For Radiators

Always keep the clear space for radiators – do not move sofas or armchairs against them. Furniture and stuff may block the airflow and cause the boiler to work harder, which comes with excessive energy consumption.

Go For Smart Meters

The Christmas season might be the perfect time to install smart energy meters. They allow homeowners to monitor and control energy consumption, which is vital, particularly during the holidays.

Take Advantage Of The Oven

Most ovens and hobs emit a lot of heat, even hours after shutting down. Cooking Christmas dinners takes several hours, so why not take advantage of an oven and a hob and ease off the central heating for a while.


Consider Solar Lightning

Outdoor Christmas lighting is trendy but typically comes with excessive energy consumption. Savvy homeowners may benefit from installing solar lightning – the most environmentally-friendly way to bring joy to the outdoors. Note that solar relies on daylight rather than sunlight, so it usually gets a sufficient amount of natural energy.

Learn About BTU

Knowing British Thermal Units is beneficial for those looking to buy new radiators. BTUs measure energy efficiency based on several factors, such as available space and window size. They help select the right radiator to heat a room just enough, saving money in a long term perspective.

Manage The Heating

Surprisingly, leaving the heating on low all over the festive season is more expensive than turning it on only when needed. Thus, it is the best way to save on heating in the long term, but do not let the home temperature plummet.

Adjust The Heating

When many guests arrive, it might be sensible to adjust the heating because more people means more natural heat. Additionally, check the windows once in a while – they should stay closed and not waste energy.


Keep Radiators Maintained

Annual radiator checks are vital, particularly before Christmas. Cold spots at the bottom might indicate sludge, causing poor circulation. Regular maintenance and bleeding eliminate the problems, providing optimum heating and adequate bills.

Turn Off Standby Modes

Simple turning off the TV and other appliances when not in use brings energy consumption down because standby takes energy.

The Christmas season often comes with excessive energy consumption, but these easy tips help homeowners improve their finance and become more eco-friendly.

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