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The Top 3 Home Sellers Gripes

by Kos
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House Buyer Bureau reveals several most critical factors that affect home sellers despite the heated buyers market.

Researchers analysed the home sellers market in Britain and revealed which factors affect current sellers the most.

They commissioned a survey from YouGov that asked home sellers about the central problem they faced with their last property sale.

Transaction Speed

In general, sellers noted two main issues that relate to the speed of the overall selling process. Respondents highlighted frequent delays as the most critical issue, meaning that the whole selling process took much longer than they expected.

What’s more, they pointed out the speed of work done by solicitor or conveyancer. They said they were slow to complete work during the final stages of the selling process.

In fact, these speed/delays factors ranked top regardless of gender, age, and region.

Other Concerns Of Home sellers

Home sellers noted several other factors affecting their last transactions apart from the speed concerns.

A feeling that their estate agent didn’t engage as much in selling a home was the 3rd top gripe among the respondents. They also noted that the real estate market was slower than they expected, along with the fact that their home sales fell through several times.

Others said their agents advised them to set the asking property price too high. To land a deal, they had to reduce it afterwards.

Unsurprisingly, Gazundering and buyers cancelling the transactions because of financial issues also affected the respondents. In addition, down valuations were also a concern for many home sellers.

Comments By House Buyer Bureau

House Buyer Bureau confirms current heated property market settings and sellers affected by weekly headlines about falling property stock levels and home prices reaching new records.

It means many sellers enter the market with unrealistic expectations about the transaction pace. While they might swiftly secure a deal, there are several other things to get done before the sale is final.

The transactions might be tedious and protracted, but it is most often not the result of solicitors' and agents' slow pace of work.

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