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Are you an overseas buyer? Are you looking for the perfect property in London, or perhaps a flat for temporary accommodation during work trips? A studio for your child who is studying at university? A place to spend your holidays?

However, choosing and buying a property in new-build developments in London can be complicated for overseas buyers.

We at 1newhomes understand your needs and concerns and are here to help you make the right choice.

During the meeting, we identify international buyers' needs and help to solve their material issues.

The problems we solve for you are:

Lack of market information: We understand the difficulties of getting complete information about the London market. 1newhomes provides you with all the significant details: legal aspects, tax information and detailed neighbourhood descriptions so you can make informed decisions.

Lack of trust in the buying process: Trust within the property buying process in London's new builds is a crucial concern for international investors. On our platform, you will find developer reviews, property ratings and customer testimonials that build confidence in purchasing new houses.

You can explore our guide with step-by-step instructions. This guide provides an overview of the home-buying process, shares tax data, and answers frequently asked questions.

Language barriers: We speak your language. 1newhomes provides support in multiple languages so you can understand every aspect of the property buying process.

What's important to you:

Neighbourhood choice: Do you need cosy accommodation close to tourist spots or universities, but at an affordable price? We can help you find the perfect location for your future flat.

Renting it out: Do you want to rent out your flat when you are not using it? We can help you find special rental services so your property generates income when you are away.

No additional costs: 1newhomes can help you find no-spend options for amenities\service charges, allowing you to save on extras

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Leave a request for a consultation on buying a flat in London with 1newhomes. We are ready to be your guide to the world of London property!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can You Buy London Property From Abroad?

Foreign buyers can legally buy a property in the UK. However, they typically face additional requirements, higher interest rates, and larger deposits (if they want to get a UK mortgage).

Can I Buy UK Property Without a Visa?

Overseas buyers and investors (non-UK residents) can buy a UK home without a visa. You may apply for a Tier 1 (investor) visa if the investment amount is at least £2m.

Tier 1 Visa requirements include: being 18 years old or more, the ability to prove the money sources, and an opened account at a UK bank.

Can I Get A UK Mortgage From Abroad?

Foreign buyers can buy a property with a UK mortgage. However, the process and requirements differ from typical processes for UK buyers. Many lenders would ask for higher interest rates and larger deposits, leaving foreign buyers with less choice.

To avoid this, savvy foreign buyers can take advantage of specialised lenders or international banks that can help to secure a UK mortgage for buying a residential property.

Selection of new buildings for Overseas buyers

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