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Step-by-step guide

Finding a perfect new build in London

Finding the right new home in London might be challenging, but it doesn't have to be so. From starting a property hunt to contacting your new developer, we will guide you through each step of this fun journey.
Step 1 – Establish a Budget

First, it is critical to establish a budget before starting any property hunt. Consider contacting a mortgage adviser and getting an agreement in principle (AIP). Also, try mortgage calculators to see how much you can afford by yourself.

Saving for a deposit

Typically, you need between a 5% and 20% deposit to secure a mortgage for a new home. Consider reassessing your spending and income when saving for a deposit.

Consider all costs

Buying a new property includes many additional costs, such as conveyancing, legal fees, and even renovation. Note that property maintenance is also a considerable cost for current households, although new builds are far more energy efficient than secondary homes.

Take advantage of the buying schemes

Buying new homes implies the availability of several buying options, like taking a mortgage, buying via shared ownership, the Help-to-Buy scheme (available until early 2023), and the First Homes Scheme.

Need help finding your new home?
Need help finding your new home?

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