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English city with the most heated new-build activity over 5 years

English city with the most heated new-build activity over 5 years

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The latest study by Unlatch reveals how cities in England performed regarding the new builds activity over the last five years.
The researchers analysed the property market across England and revealed how the delivery of the new build differed from city to city in proportion to the overall market supply.

What are the main takeaways?

Over the last 5 years, England saw 808,770 new homes, which equals 3% of the total 24.7m properties, both new and old.
The experts revealed one destination that has outperformed any other city in England regarding new-build homes delivery. 
Preston in north England ranked first with 2,660 new homes delivered in the city over the last 5 years.
With a total of 64,847 properties found in the market, new builds accounted for 4.1% of the total property stock in Preston.
Preston, UK
Next came Manchester, North-West England, with a similar figure reaching 3.8%, followed by Newcastle and Middlesbrough (3.4%).
New homes in London also ranked high and took 5th place with the share of new builds standing at 3%.

What does the expert say?

Lee Martin at Unlatch highlights the critical role of new builds for the property market in England. This sector is the central path for solving the ongoing housing crisis in the country.
The expert likewise points out the government’s agenda for boosting new-build homes delivery and confirms an uplift in new homes coming in the market over the recent years.
New builds are often concentrated around major city hubs, and seeing Preston as the top-performing city might be surprising for someone.
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