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Top-5 Most Expensive Households in Central London

Top-5 Most Expensive Households in Central London

by Ariana
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Central London offers an exciting and diverse environment to live and work, with high flexibility and standards for all. The neighbourhood has some of the highest rental prices in London, reflecting its exceptional quality standards and extensive business and leisure opportunities. This article will feature the most expensive new residential developments in Central London.

5. Principal Tower

Price from £1 400 000

The Principle Tower is a remarkable tribute to London's enduring influence and vision, combining outstanding architecture and stunning views with exquisite, intelligent design of the highest quality.

New Homes in Principal Tower London

In addition, each luxury flat in this 50-story high-rise includes access to a gym and spa, cinema room, swimming pool, 24-hour concierge and a newly built nearby plaza full of shops, restaurants and bars.

4. Pinks Mews

Price from £1 450 000

Pinks Mews is a unique luxury development that blends history, connectivity and luxury living. The complex boasts many amenities, including top-notch restaurants, upscale hotels and bespoke design work.

New homes in Pinks Mews

3. Lincoln Square

Price from £1 900 000

Lincoln Square is a 10-story residential building offering studios, one-, two-, three- and four-room apartments and penthouses. Some rooms have private gardens or terraces, and front doors face the street. The site also has a concierge, gym, 25 meter swimming pool, sauna, spa, cinema, private dining room, residents' club and library.

New homes in Lincoln Square

2. Marylebone Square

Price from £2 693 000

Buying new properties in Marylebone Square allows you to join a modern take on a classic London mansion. It seamlessly integrates into its historic location with a subtle touch of modernity that complements its surroundings. The exterior of the building is adorned with solid glazed terracotta, while cast metal balustrades give the design a European feel.

New homes in Marylebone Square

This complex includes 54 luxury residences, several speciality boutiques and restaurants, and a marvellous community hall.

1. Chelsea Barracks

Price from £4 950 000

Chelsea Barracks is a luxury destination for high-end restaurants, shopping and delicious culinary experiences. The estate is the product of a remarkable partnership between leading architects, landscape designers and skilled builders.

New homes in Chelsea Barracks

Located over 12.8 acres of beautiful garden space, Chelsea Barracks offers a unique and sophisticated selection of flats, penthouses and town houses that blend seamlessly into their natural surroundings.

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