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Luxury apartments to buy in London

On this page, we have put together a selection of luxury new builds for sale in London to help local and international buyers navigate the Prime property market in the capital.

The property market in London established its reputation as a reliable, stable, and resilient market years ago. Given the recent economic fluctuations, prime new homes in London welcome a new influx of local and international buyers and investors looking for luxury apartments.

To help such buyers, we have put together a handy selection of luxury homes in London and discuss why people invest in the capital and the main advantages of such properties. We also reveal the most sought-after prime property hotspots and answer several frequently asked questions. 

So, why do people choose an affluent property in London over other major global destinations?

Why Buyers Opt For Prime New Homes In London

Historically, London is one of the world's most dynamic and important cities as it has firmly established a reputation as a financial and cultural hub. As a result, the real estate market in London is an excellent and reliable destination for many buyers and investors, both local and international. One of the main reasons behind the trend is the gradually growing home values, especially in prime central London (PCL) corners.

Luxury property in London has rightly established itself as a reliable asset for investment for lots of buyers, with almost all 5-year forecasts showing favourable returns, which typically double in value every 8 years.

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Advantages Of Luxury New Builds In London

Since the 1960s, Central London property has enjoyed a double increase in value every eight years. The resilience of the real estate market and the UK's economy made London a coveted destination for property investment, and it seems its reputation is here to stay.

State-of-the-art new builds, modern amenities and features, grand regeneration projects, and favourable buying incentives are some of the most appealing advantages of London's luxury new homes. Moreover, the capital has welcomed many hybrid residential developments over the past several years, creating new living destinations that combine work, living, and entertainment, all within one impressive living hub. But how do buyers find luxury property in London?

Usually expensive and luxurious flats come with special options. Additional amenities or infrastructure right at your doorstep. Check out the following options:

luxary apartments with concierge,
flats for sale with swimming pool,
flats for sale with balcony,
flats for sale with gym,
flats for sale with roof terrace.

Luxury New Build Homes Near Me

When choosing a luxury apartment in London, many opt for finding homes near their location. At 1newhomes, we developed the «luxury new build homes near me» feature. Turn on your location and see nearby luxury homes in London. Click on any development and see essential data, like completion dates, prices, developers, and many more. This tool is utterly advantageous for those buyers who have already come to London and started their property hunt.

Undoubtedly, several London areas stand out from the rest regarding the availability and appeal of luxury new build homes. Some of the most popular boroughs regarding the demand for prime new homes are:

  • Canary Wharf
  • Marylebone
  • Mayfair
  • Belgravia
  • Battersea
  • Wandsworth

Clearly, most luxury hotspots in the capital are Prime Central London (PCL) locations that boast exceptional real estate at high prices. In turn, these properties offer state-of-the-art features, high-end specifications, high build quality, and often favourable and significant returns in the long run. No wonder such properties are so sought-after among local and international high-net-worth buyers.

Most Popular Luxury New Build Homes In London

Just like areas, some luxury new developments in London stand out from the competition, which is justified. A perfect mix of efficient location and modern living standards is what drives demand for prime new builds forward. What are the capital's most demanded luxury new developments?

Lincoln Square. A grand new build development in the City of London offering 221 new homes across ten floors. Construction has finished.

Marylebone Square. A new development in Marylebone that is scheduled for completion in Q2 2023. Prices for the new 54 apartments start from £2.7m.

Mayfair Park Residences. One of the most prestigious prime new builds in London, with stunning vistas over the iconic Hyde Park. Construction work has finished.

Luxury homes in London

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a luxury property in London?

A luxury property in London is any home priced above the £1m threshold. Such properties also imply higher SDLT costs.

How to buy luxury homes in London?

The process of buying a premium home in London is similar to buying typical flats and apartments, except such deals are often cash purchases rather than mortgage-backed.

How to avoid pitfalls when buying a new home?

It's important to verify the seller's title, check for any mortgages on the property, and ensure the authenticity of the real estate company involved in the transaction.

Protective measures like setting up alerts on the land registry and confirming your identity for any changes are recommended

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